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Saturday, June 22, 2013


Kevin Christensen by Jan Rose-Bartlett cc
Some history...Steve BARTLETT ON BASS has known KEVIN CHRISTENSEN since around 2005, when they played in the AL EARICK band called ROAD DAWG's. That's Al Earick/guitar/vocals, SHERYL CLARK/sax, KEVIN CHRISTENSEN/drums and Steve BARTLETT ON BASS.Some of the earlier musicians in this group [before Kevin] were DON BENSON/drums and JON BARONI/keys.
Kevin Christensen and Steve were in the band TIME FRAME 'round 2006 with NATALIE CLINE/vocals and H.D./guitar, later ROBERT PATROZI/guitar That's when Kevin began booking bands for THE SUMMIT PUB in Puyallup, WA. and hosting all those Tuesday night jams. My BARTLETT was also in the band BE HEAR when Kevin joined that group. Before Kevin, KENNY WILLIAMSON helped us out on drums. Also DARLENE JONES  [from Ronald Eckardt]played for us..notice I [Jan] said 'we' for this band...Because,...BE HEAR's members were CARA POWERS-CLARKE/vocals, STEFAN ABUAN/guitar, BARTLETT ON BASS and me...JAN ROSE-BARTLETT/ keys...computer keys, that is. I was an regular band member...and I never missed a gig or rehearsal either. Jan]. 
Kevin's plays alot with JERRY MILLER. You can find them at THE STONEGATE in Tacoma, usually on Friday nights.

Email Kevin at...kwcdrummer@gmail.com

Thursday, June 13, 2013


by Mr Azza cc
RICHARD MOLINA hired BARTLETT ON BASS to play bass in THE MOJO BLUES BAND in March 2013. And, BARTLETT left this band on 7/08/13.
BARTLETT ON BASS  was with THE MOJO BLUES BAND, also known as THE MOJO GROOVE BAND or MOJO CHICAGO BLUES BAND, from 3/13 to 7/08/13, they hosted their first jam, and a a blues Jam each Sunday evening from 6 pm. to 9 pm. at THE SPOT TAVERN in Tacoma, beginning 3/2/13  Members of this band were [3/3/2013], BARTLETT ON BASS,  'Mojo'...MARY JO TRYHOLM/vocals, RICHARD MOLINA/guitar, HARRY LOGAN/drums.
New member  of band added 6/17/13-ROLF OLSEN/keys.

1.] For Richard Molina's video of the MOJO BLUES BAND, at THE SPOT TAVERN go HERE.
2.] News about first gig on 3/2/13, go HERE.
3.] Jam at THE SPOT TAVERN on 3/10/13, go HERE
4.] For report on the  Jam at THE SPOT TAVERN on 3/31/13, go HERE.
5.] News about a rehearsal with this band and Steve jamming with Doug Skogg HERE
7.] My story of Steve and I rehearsing for the upcoming gig at THE SWISS PUB with the MOJO BLUES HERE
8.] My report of THE SWISS PUB gig on 6/18/13 with Terry Jae, Don Young, Doug Skoog and Kevin Christensen, go  HERE. This was BARTLETT's last performance with the original band members.   

Contact Info For ROB VITERITO/guitar

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Just Listen To This...Will Ya?..Coffee With Rob Viterito Today

Robert Viterito, see link
I wish all of Steve's music friends had videos that we could show ya..These musicians are fantastic artists. We are so lucky to know them all.
Well, today Steve ran into guitaristROB VITERITO and had coffee with him in downtown Yelm. Rob told Steve 'bout his new FACEBOOK site andYOUTUBE videos. I loved it.
It's called 'Vintage Viterito', from his YOUTUBE Site called mzmoonsShine...only been up a month...WOW, want to hear more of this. Great job Rob. This is what it said on his page: " Published on May 12, 2013
Old World Style"
Thanks, Jan and Steve
About photo: From Rob's FACEBOOK page, visit him at links above.

More videos from ROBERT VITERITO below.

1.] PROMO 1 VINTAGE VIRIETO, from mzmoonsShine

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Don Young...Percussion/drums

by  marc falardeau cc
Don met my Bartlett at THE SPOT TAVERN. He's performing at UNCLE SAM's BAR AND GRILL in his band called CLASS X  on Sunday, May 25th. Don says REMEDY is performing first, at 8 pm with Don's band, CLASS X  starting 'round 9 pm.
Don Young/drums is performing each Wednesday evening from 7 to 11 pm in the group STRANGE PLEASURE with JOE PLEMMONS/guitar/vocals and Steve BARTLETT ON BASS/vocals. They're hosting a fun jam at UNCLE SAM's BAR AND GRILL in Spanaway. NOTE: Steve quit  the band STRANGE PLEASURE with JOE PLEMMONS and DON YOUNG on 7/1/13.

Where: UNCLE SAM's BAR AND GRILL 7 to 11 pm...jam on Wednesday nights
           16003 Pacific 
            Spanaway, WA.


Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Spot Tavern Tacoma, Washington, And, MOJO BLUES BAND...Contact Info

Fretless Bass
BARTLETT ON BASS with THE MOJO BLUES BAND, also known as THE MOJO GROOVE BAND, hosting a blues Jam each Sunday evening 6 pm. to 9 pm. Members of this band are [3/3/2013], BARTLETT ON BASS,  'Mojo'...MARY JO TRYHOLM/vocals, RICHARD MOLINA/guitar, HARRY LOGAN/drums. NOTE: Steve Bartlett/bass left this band on 6/2013.

Where: The Spot Tavern
            5240 South Tacoma Way
            Tacoma, Washington

Friday, January 25, 2013

Remembering Ted Hall PhD And Jon Baroni....A Cool Musical Team.

by Krysten_N cc
My Steve has known singer/song writer JON BARONI/keys/harp/vocals for about 20 years.They have done many musical projects together. For example, years ago, BARTLETT worked on several tunes for that awesome musical team of JON BARONI and the late TED HALL PhD. Jon and Ted did the CD 'WAKE UP CALLS' together and I[Jan] was always glad to see my old friend, Ted being at the recording studio almost everytime when Steve layed down his bass lines for a recording.
When Ted died of a heart attack on July 13th, 2010. My story HERE. The loss was deeply felt by Steve and I. Ted did lyrics for tunes, Jon the music. What a great team. Miss you Ted. 
Hall was also a student of RSE in Yelm, WA., I [Jan] knew him from that arena too...'cause we were old friends, even before I met and fell in love with my bassman and hubby Steve. Some tunes that I remember JON BARONI/TED HALL creating and my Steve Bartlett laying down the bass lines for over the years were: 'Dakota Rodeo' a tribute to John Lennon, 'Last Night I Had A Dream', about George Harrison. Another meaningful/beautiful song of Baroni/Hall's was 'Sacred Ground' that Steve worked on way back when.
Ted web page was called BIOFACTALREVOLUTION...Ted posted information about several of his interests there...one being music with his friend Jon Baroni...it was a fun place to visit. I miss it. For more on Theodore Hall PhD. go HERE and more HERE with videos.    Jan

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Jazz Hit...'TAKE FIVE' Written By Paul Desmond

Tjebbe van Tijen/imaginary museum project cc/flickr
This is what catman916 on YOUTUBE  has to say about PAUL DESMONDs 'TAKE FIVE'...."One of the most famous jazz recordings of all time, "Take Five" written by Paul Desmond was recorded in the unusual 5/4 time by The Dave Brubeck Quartet in New York City on June 25, July 1, and August 18, 1959 and released on their Columbia album Time Out. "Take Five" was one of the first jazz compositions to achieve mainstream success, selling more than a million copies and reaching #25 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #5 on Billboard's Easy Listening survey. The original recording lasted a full 5:24 though the single version was cut to 2:55. Paul Desmond's alto saxophone and Joe Morello's drum solo really stand out. The album is available on CD on the Sony label. Along with Miles Davis' Kind of Blue, John Coltrane's My Favorite Things, and Stan Getz's Focus, Brubeck's "Time Out" is one of the essential jazz recordings to have."




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