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Saturday, April 26, 2014


DON COHEN, From facebook page
The 'D.C. JAZZ QUARTET'or 'DON COHEN JAZZ QUARTET' members are DON COHEN/vocals, DAVEN TILLINGHAST/guitar, MARK STOUT/trombone with, of course, BARTLETT ON BASS. They started performing at THE SOUTHBAY BBQ, or DICKERSON's SOUTHBAY BBQ also known as THE PIG BAR the first Tuesday of April, April 1st, 2014. They played every Tuesday night in April 2014, then slowed down to one Tuesday night a month....the first Tuesday each month.
SOUTHBAY BBQ has a gentle, easy ramp upstairs to the bar, where the music is going on, called THE PIG BAR that is great for those in wheelchairs or walkers. Bathrooms are no problem for wheelchairs and people at the same time.
Wonderful BBQed food everyday, kitchen open'til 9pm....Tuesday nights is also 'Taco Tuesday' plus their everyday BBQed delights. To contact Don Cohen, go HERE , to contact DAVEN TILLINGHAST, go HERE, to contact MARK STOUT, go HERE Jan
Contact info. DON COHEN, of course, at doncohen43@gmail.com or phone 360/789-1377...wait,..I'll check and make sure I have the correct phone number...be right back. Yes, its the correct number. Jan
                 619 Legion Way S.E.
                 Olympia, WA.(360) 943-690
Fan photo HERE
Here's a YOUTUBE Video....called 'Don Demo'. [thanks  Don Cohen]. This is what the video page says: " Uploaded on Jan 20, 2009
I thank my daughter Lili for helping me do this video
The tunes except for the blues, a Buddy Guy song, are from the "Great American Songbook"....
Recording Engineer: Alan Fadness....Centralia, WA"

NEXT APPEARANCE: October 28th, 2014, Tuesday night, RHYTHM AND RYE, Olympia, WA., Address is 310 N Capital Way. DAVEN TILLINGHAST/guitar will be replaced by PHIL LARSON/guitar. ALEK GAYTON will be on drums, DAVE McCrary/horns[20]..



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