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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

SASS Contact Info

SASS, See info. 
Who you going to contact for SASS bookings and info? I'm gonna find out this week and post it here. O.K?
 SHELLY ELY/vocals or STEVE MERRIAM/guitar will be my first guesses. [I was right....see UPDATE below] ANDRE THOMAS/drums and my Steve BARTLETT ON BASS are the remaining two members of this really cool BLUZZZ band.
Now, their first gig...STONEGATE PIZZA AND RUM BAR will start on Saturday, Sept. 27th 2014 at 8:30 pm....info from Shelly Ely. The location 5419 South Tacoma Way in Tacoma, WA....info from Steve Merriam.
They're booked at UNCLE THURM's SOUL FOOD or 'THURM's Finger Lickin' Ribs and Chicken' in Tacoma, 3709 S G St, Tacoma, WA 98418
(253) 475-188 on Friday, Oct. 10th, 2014 and THE SWISS PUB in Tacoma, 1904 Jefferson Ave, Tacoma, WA 98402
(253) 572-2821  on Monday, Oct. 27th, 2014. I will find out addresses and starting times this week and update this post. UPDATE: The addresses are correct...will add start times when I find out. O.K? Jan
PHOTO INFO: Taken in early Sept. 2014 in Tacoma, WA. by MERRI PETERSON SUTTON. Used by permission from SASS. Contact Steve Merriam. Jan
UPDATE: Monday,Sept.29th....What a cool gig The Stonegate Pizza and Rum bar was last Saturday night. Received this Email today from Steve Merriam/guitar. Steve Merriam's the contact person 253/377-0847 and smerriam@gmail.com or Shelly Ely 253/310-6819 or Email  shellyely@comcast.net. Jan
SASS Facebook page HERE 
Where's SASS?
There's a gig at THURM's SOUL FOOD 3709 38TH [IN BACK] , Tacoma, WA in November 2014, I think the second Friday evening of Nov....yep, it's November 13th. [50]
November 29, 2014 STONEGATE PIZZA AND RUM BAR, 5419 South Tacoma Way, Tacoma, WA ['50].
December 12th, THURM's SOUL FOOD, 3709 38TH [IN BACK], Tacoma, WA[50]

December 19, 20, 2014, STONEGATE PIZZA AND RUM BAR, 5419 South Tacoma Way, Tacoma, WA. [50], [50]
NEW YEAR's EVE, December 31st, 9 pm. STONEGATE PIZZA AND RUM BAR, Tacoma, WA. 5419 South Tacoma Way [100]]
January 9th, Friday...UNCLE THURM's SOUL FOOD, 3709 'G' Street, Tacoma, WA 7 pm [50]

January 23, 24 - 2015, STONEGATE PIZZA AND RUM BAR, 5419 South Tacoma Way, Tacoma, WA. [50],[50]
Febuary 2nd, SWISS PUB in Tacoma, WA. [40]



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